Digital Fashion Illustration: An Art of Communication in Fashion Design

Digital Fashion Illustration: An Art of Communication in Fashion Design

Posted on: 7/31/22, 3:48 PM

In the Fashion design industry, if we can't communicate our design in its realistically looking form then it is a little challenging to sell. A digital Fashion illustration makes it easy for Fashion designers to convey their design ideas better.

With a wide range of design tools available today, it has become easier than ever before. Some of the most popular tools used for digital fashion illustration designs are:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Procreate

Whether you are assisting any renowned fashion designer, a clothing brand or want to start your own label, the key skill you should possess is digital fashion illustration. The reason for developing this design skill is very straightforward.

  • This industry demands for creative people who can think out of the box.
  • Fashion Design Trends change very fast.
  • Customer wants to see how he/she will look in a wear.
  • Design thinking is a great approach to bring creativity with simplicity.
  • Apart from general clothing lines, this industry makes the most with an elite customer group who demands new design and new inspiration every time.

The above given are some of the key highlights that raises the bar for every fashion designer. Such high benchmarks need next level of expertise and yes diversified too. That's why you've been advised to go for digital fashion illustration courses.

Sketching & Drawing

Digital sketching is part of digital fashion illustration. This helps you in drawing the body/figure of the model. Since, here we use an artistic representation of our garments so the model used in depiction also needs to be designed.

Some of the fashion designers or digital fashion illustrators prefer to use actual model pics while others design Croquis.

These Croquis are nothing but a image art of a model with a general face, not any real person. Some advanced tools can help in animating garments over the Croqui. One of the tool used by very few selected fashion illustrators is Clo3D. Not many have skills in it.


No matter whether you are a fashion design student or working for a label; having creative design skills and most importantly creative and problem solving mindset is needed.

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