Free Online Digital Fashion Illustrations Resources

Free Online Digital Fashion Illustrations Resources

Posted on: 8/14/22, 6:13 PM

Digital Fashion Illustrations are the new norm in the fashion design industry. Without a digital illustration, you can't assume the existence of any fashion label anymore. So, in this digital fashion illustration blog, we'll cover the various aspects of it and will share some free online Digital Fashion Illustrations videos and a few references to digital fashion illustration blogs.

How to learn digital fashion illustration in India?

Officially, you will rarely find a full-time degree dedicated to digital fashion illustrations. So, the only suggested & preferable option you have is to enroll for a top online digital fashion illustration courses in India.

Such fashion illustration courses cover the various aspects of designing a digital fashion illustration from scratch, rendering different types of garments or in simple words garment rendering and other design elements like embroidery, etc.

If you are serious about your fashion illustration career then enrolling for these courses is a must for you. But if you want to do this course, just for the sake of certification then you may do it from anywhere. This is not a concern.

Because, the fashion illustration courses designed by Fashion Illustrator Sanyam Jain are meant for only those students who want to make their career into it. Selling these courses to anyone isn't gonna satisfy him. He feels satisfied when his students complete their fashion illustration assignments after each session and improve their actual designing skills. This is how it works for him, with him.

Can I learn digital fashion illustration without doing any course?

You can't bring perfection without learning and practicing. It doesn't mean that you can't do it by yourself. Of Course you may do. But the efforts required for it, are you ready for that?

No fashion design degree can make you a great, professional and creative fashion designer or digital fashion illustrator. Your university offers you an environment to learn and explore yourself, by providing you relevant knowledge and hands on skills so that you find yourself comfortable in starting your fashion design career.

Does that mean you became an expert?

No. Experts don't come in a day. You need persistence, practice and patience to learn, practice and explore more than anyone else to emerge as an expert fashion designer. Yet, there is no definition of being an expert fashion designer but you can be a creative fashion designer for sure.

There are so many aspects of design, whether it is fashion design, digital fashion illustration or any other design segment of any other industry. All you need is to find your one thing that makes your designs special and different from others.

How to learn digital fashion illustration for free?

There are so many resources available online from where you can easily learn and practice digital fashion illustration skills. But, Sanyam Jain has brought you some amazing free online videos on digital fashion illustration.

You may go to his YouTube channel or do check out some of the videos below that might be of good help for you.

Top Fashion Design Blogs

Apart from the online digital fashion illustration courses and free fashion illustration videos, you can also develop your skills by reading fashion design blogs. These blogs help you learn those aspects of designing, rendering and sketching that might have been missed in free digital illustration videos.

In addition to that, you may also get to know the tips & tricks and other minute details of fashion illustration and sketching. Some of the blogs that might interest you further are given below: